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Jungle Safari

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Trip Code : AHA/A-11
Duration : 4 Days
There is no doubt that Nepal is a tiny country geographically in front of the big and developed countries but when the subject like natural resources and generosity come Nepal is rarely beat by other countries as Nepal is the nation with broad spectrum. In the northern part visitors will get the immense Himalayas where as a beautiful jungle in the southern section. Jungle Safari is a unique trip into the dense forest aiming to view many wild animals.

Jungle Safari encompasses nature walks, canoe rides, tours around the villages, birds watching and excursion. The voyage into the bottomless jungle by riding on the back of Elephant or using 4WD can be exercised to see the wild animals by travelling into the habitat of animals.

Visitors will get to outlook the animals like Gharials, Red Panda, leopard, Crocodile, Antelopes, Elks and many more animals along with cute birds. Action Himalaya will offer the exceptional Jungle Safari package by taking the visitors towards the Bardia and Chitwan National Parks. Jungle Safari can be too merged with another adventure like cultural tour, trekking, Tibet tours, rafting and peak climbing.

Nepal is loaded with bio-diversity cause to be an idyllic as an eco-tourism objective. The Himalayan region are renowned for the mountaineering as well as trekking tricks consequently the low land of Terai are too famous for tropical jungle and the finest wildlife territory assembly it as the greatest location for Jungle Safari.

Statically Nepal comprise 9 National parks, 6 conservation areas, 3 wildlife reserves and hunting reserve layering 28,999 sq Km./ the cultural diversity can be experienced seeing their distinct dances and way of existence. The low land of Terai Region has greatly contributed for flourishing Jungle Safari. Jungle Sarafi offers new experience to be intact with the natural spectrum. Jungle Safrai will take its visitors into the wonderland.

Day 1 : Arrive to Kathmandu

Day 2 : Drive to Chitwan

Day 3 : Jungle Safari

Day 4 : Drive to Kathmandu and depart!!!!

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