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Lumbini Tour

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Trip Code : AHA/T-04
Duration : 5 Days
Lumbini Tour is another attraction for the tourists who set into motion for several tour packages in Nepal. Lumbini is the birth place of Gautam Buddha ‘Light of Asia’, who has enlightened people. Mostly Lumbini is viewed as the pilgrimage tour but it does not limit itself within that boundary. Since Lumbini is situated in Nepal, Nepal is the appropriate spots for carrying out the adventures. Lumbini Tour is encountered as the unbelievable experience which is generally impossible to acquire from other tour. So, may be due to that reason people especially the pilgrimages are attracted to Lumbini.

Lumbini Tour is renown amid the Buddhist tour through which visitors will get an immense occasion of seeing the attractive architecture crafted in the ancient times. Those arts and crafts have a potential to blow the concentration. This is the package where people can spend the prospects of spending several weeks exploring the nearby areas. In additional, Lumbini is listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site.

Historically Lumbini shows the relationships between India and Nepal as Ashoka (Indian emperor), had set Ashoka pillar in the sacred land of Lumbini. Landing on Lumbini, visitors themselves will visualize the natural beauties of Lumbini and will attempt to capture it.

Lumbini reveals the historical and religious importance of Nepal. Lumbini itself is the highlighting factors of Nepal even though it does presents several attractive assets like Lumbini Garden, temple of Mayadevi, Puskarna pond, Ramagram, Myanmar temple, exploring Korean and China temples. As Lumbini Tour is essential to know the history and religious sentiments of people Action Himalaya has set 5 days of tour itineraries.

Day 1 : Arrive in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Day 2 : Drive to Lumbini

Day 3 : Sightseeing in Lumbini

Day 4 : Drive to Devadaha and Ramagrama, flight to Kathmandu

Day 5 : Departure!!!!

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