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Mountain Flight

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Trip Code : AHA/A-06
Duration : 3 Days
Mountain Flight is the most desirable adventure sport available in Nepal which point toward an adventure sport targeting the exploration lovers. Nepal is preferred to carry out the Mountain Flight as the geographical location is apt for Mountain Flight. Nepal is enclosed via well-known and sparkling mountains which are up till now together with this white covered snow. The lofty Sky Scrapers Mountains boast own associated myth.

Mountain Flight is the hub and the central spot for holidaymakers so as to prosper the tourism sector. Mountain Flight has an enormous choice to entice the visitors on the other hand it does require specialist too. Mountain Flight bequeath in the outstanding perspective and scene to fleeting at those haughty mountains as of the sky. Visitors are excited, spectacularly resourceful and daring to set out for Mountain Flight. The setting was completely diverse in the early times. In the past trekking indicates simply hiking for an expanded distance, grasping numerous hours and many days. The time has changes so does the way of trekking too because of the technology.

Mountain Flight is upward as a clear business supporting the tourism. Countless visitors from unlike areas are being alluring in Nepal, gawking for Mountain Flight. Mountain Flight is suitable for sundry visitors with wide-ranging age group. Thus, Mountain Flight is receiving really good status which is not surrounded by moments. As Mountain Flight has progressed visitors are in advance to get ended their fancy which were limited in past. This enhancement is the main improvement of Mountain Flight in toting up as they can arrive to 200 meters away opening from the Mount Everest with heaps of puffed-up mountains. So, be present to set an experience from the adventure sports very soon.

Day 1 : Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 2 : Mountain Flight

Day 3 : Departure!!!!

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