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Trishuli Rafting

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Trip Code : AHA/R-03
Duration : 1/3 Days
Starts at : Charaudi (three and half hours drive from the Capital)
End at : Fishling or Gaighat (three and half hours drive)
Rafting with the Osho Vision Treks will mean that you will be paddling along one of the best rivers for rafting in Nepal while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. Trishuli Rafting in Nepal is the most popular river in Nepal for rafting purpose. The source of river Trishuli is the Himalayas located in the nearby west region and it considered that the water in Trishuli comes from the Himalayas near Gosainkunda, the holy lake of the Hindus. There is a mythological belief that the Hindu Lord Shiva used his trident and hence created three springs. The name of the river is hence named as Trishuli. 

River in Nepal has gained more popularity in the recent years as most of the trekkers and foreigners who come here for trekking purpose also want to explore the adventures of rafting along the wild rivers of Nepal. It has gained wide popularity in the recent years and Nepal’s rivers are considered ideal for rafting purpose. This is one of the reasons why Nepal has so much excelled in adventure water sports.

As we all know Nepal is the second richest country in terms water resources and hence it comes as no surprise that it has become one of the important destinations for water sports across the world. Trishuli River Rafting in Nepal is the most popular one amongst several rafting choices also because of the fact that it lies within hours of drive from the Capital city of Kathmandu. Because of its close proximity with Kathmandu and Pokhara, another famous tourist destination, Trishuli has been first choice for rafting.

Trishuli Rafting in Nepal is an exciting prospect for the adventure seekers as the beautiful river provides numerous bends, stops, tides and natural waves to provide more spice into the act of rafting. The experience will be exhilarating as the foreign tourists will experience the ultimate thrill of Rafting in Nepal. The rapids of Trishuli River are very famous and well-known. Moreover, Trishuli is almost ideal for both beginners and experienced rafters.

While rafting in Trishuli, the tourists will also enjoy the ambience of the surrounding including the cable cars which pass to and fro along the rope to the sacred Hindu shrine of goddess Manakamana. The rapids mostly encountered in Trishuli River are straightforward and easy to negotiate. It hence is the ultimate river for enjoying Rafting in Nepal if you do not have enough spare time. Rafting in Trishuli will be an adventurous journey for the visitors and adventure seekers as they can have a wonderful time with the family and friends which is almost sure to go down in the memory lanes for many more coming years.

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