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Ultra light flight

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Trip Code : AHA/A-08
Duration : 4 Days
In Nepal Ultra light Aircraft was introduced in 1996, with an aim to presents the attractive Tours, stunning sight of the mountains, lakes and villages situated in the Pokhara Valley. Ultra light Aircraft is a perfect medium to perceive the life from an innovative viewpoint.

The preference of Ultra light Aircraft is apt largely for Nepal as it is close with the mountains, and will take the Ultra Light Aircraft into the lap of nature. Ultra Light Aircraft is an exceptional merge between peak and plateau and is one of nearly includes every admired destinations preferred by the tourists.

Through Ultra Light Aircraft one will have mind-blowing experience. Ultra Light Aircraft is perfectly perfect for the visitors who always crave for flying being close with the clouds. Running away from the problems on the Earth and soaring to sky, arriving at the mountains is the purpose of Ultra Light Aircraft. Flying freely being too far from the crowd, seeing fabulous vision surely compose the whole lot.

Ultra Light Aircraft is an easy grade which is available in Pokhara offers the entire adventure beyond the imaginations of visitors. January to December is suitable to carry out the Ultra Light Aircraft. From this information it is clear that to experience the adventure nothing will stop us. So, be ready to feel the thrill landing in the land of high Mountains and Peaks choosing Action Himalaya as your partner who will guide you all the way through the adventure sports.

Day 1 : Arrive in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Day 2 : Drive / flight to Pokhara, sightseeing

Day 3 : Ultra Light Aircraft, drive / flight to Kathmandu

Day 4 : Departure!!!!

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